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About ORCA Blood for Life

As a voluntary organization, ORCA (Old Rajshahi Cadets Association), from its very beginning has been engaged in numerous social welfare activities. Among those, voluntary blood donation is the most established and successful program that ORCA has so far carried out. Since the very inception of the voluntary blood donation movement in 1982, ORCA has actively been involved with it and so far has arranged 82 blood donation programs nationwide providing more than 4000 number of bags to the suffering patients. Now ORCA is an established name in the arena of voluntary blood donation and as its recognition, ORCA has been awarded as the Highest blood Donor Organization in the country by the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society

With the commitment for keeping up its heritage, ORCA now desires to continue its blood donation activities in a more organized and regular pattern. Having a considerable number of committed donors and adding more to it, ORCA has the capability to maintain a regular blood supply scheme. Ensuring blood quality from its safety point of view is a current issue, which ORCA is now facing in case of conducting blood transfusion operations. As a protective measure, ORCA, from now will utilize Red Crescent Blood Bank screening facilities, donate the blood at their premises and use their storage vaults. The responsibility from ORCA's side will be to provide potential donors the desired group of safe blood right at time with the associated costs involved. Keeping that in mind, ORCA is going to organize a comprehensive donor information database and a strong donor-recipient interaction system named ORCA Blood for Life (OBL).

At present, OBL will not establish any Blood Bank because of the fund constraint, but a substantial number of regular donors along with the occasional donors enlisted under OBL will virtually act more or less as live Blood Bank. OBL will make its access know to common people and provide the necessary group of blood to the recipients as quickly as possible by providing 12 hours of regular service and 24 hours emergency service for receiving calls for blood requisition. A comprehensive donor database will be maintained and updated by OBL office and all the donors will be utilized by rotation to ensure maximum number of bags available round the year. Every donor will go through mandatory blood tests like HIV, VDRL, HbsAg etc from time to time. Each donor will be provided with OBL's own ID card, which will be used to collect blood from Red Crescent in his/her own need in future. For keeping donor's integrity intact and spirit high, get-together, picnic, gathering on special occasions will be arranged where donors having records of regular donation will be awarded accordingly. Besides OBL will arrange voluntary blood donation programs in educational institutes, offices, socio-cultural organizations, clubs etc. with a view to promote blood donation habit as a social movement.

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